As part of our complex infrastructure planning activities, we prepare permit and design plans for the construction and upgrading of entire roads and road sections. We are involved in the related permitting processes and, according to the client’s requirements, we also prepare tender designs. In addition, we provide design management services and prepare implementation plans as part of our general design process.

In our urban and suburban infrastructure planning work, we coordinate several disciplines, including road and traffic engineering, green space and utility planning.

In our projects to date, we have designed roads, streets, intersections, roundabouts, cycle paths, car parks and underground car parks.


Our experts draw on their research and analytical expertise to prepare feasibility studies for transport developments and, where required by legislation, the relevant sectoral impact assessments and impact studies. We will present the problem to be solved, the range of possible solutions, the scope of the project to implement the recommended solution, the expected costs of the necessary investments and map the risks of the development to support decision-making in transport planning related to architecture or land use development.

We prepare transport concepts for cities and regions with SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning) approach. Our previous work includes parking, city logistics and public transport plans. The importance of technical infrastructure for spatial development is huge, as it is present in all aspects of economic and social life, and the development of transport networks is a key determinant of spatial development.


Our proprietary traffic counting and analytics system, Traffic Mojo, uses artificial intelligence to provide customers with data that is almost 100% accurate.

Our solution is flexible, cost-effective and can be fully customised to the customer’s needs. We can measure multiple sites at the same time, at any time of day, in a variety of weather conditions.


We provide professional advice to support beneficiaries in realising their development ideas, from the idea, through financing, to the completion of the project. We are also involved in project preparation and provide our clients with expert assistance during the initial phase of the work.

Contact us with specific transport issues and we will provide expert advice to find the best solution for everyone.

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