Traffic Mojo

Traffic Mojo - our unique traffic counting system

Our proprietary traffic counting system, which uses artificial intelligence and decades of experience to provide the most reliable data.

We have decades of experience in collecting reliable traffic data. We have developed a unique system for this complex task: we use state-of-the-art technologies to provide our partners with professional assistance in a flexible way.

The main advantages of the system:


There is no need for weeks or months of preparation and dozens of people to take measurements.


Traffic Mojo's video-based tools can deliver results quickly and efficiently.


The results are accurate and reliable, with the help of artificial intelligence and professional supervision.


It provides accurate and reliable data for multi-day data collection.


Traffic conditions can be recorded over several days. Our specially designed system is well tolerant of different environmental conditions, with IP66 protection and night vision thanks to the built-in infrared.



Special video recording during fieldwork


Automated processing – using machine vision and artificial intelligence


Expert validation – checking the processed data


Data visualisation and analysis – broken down by period and vehicle category

Mobile and compact.

One of the biggest advantages of Traffic Mojo is its portability. At the heart of the structure is a camera-based measuring system that can be placed up to 10-12 metres high.

The entire installation takes up no more than half a square metre. The special, strong telescopic support structure is designed to be fixed without causing damage to the environment. In addition, no external power source is required as the system is equipped with a high capacity battery.

What information does Traffic Mojo provide?

  • traffic data
  • vehicle categories
  • traffic characteristics
  • vehicle movements
  • conflict analysis
  • data visualisation

Change the way of traffic counting with us!
Feel free to contact us to get accurate and reliable data with our innovative and modern solution.

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